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Our Expertise

When we set up Exstrat Limited we decided that we were not going to be traditional business advisors.  We had a goal - provide clear, concise solutions to clients and oversee implementation in a hands-on manner through each phase to completion.

With a gap in the market identified, we set up Exstrat LImited, and together with a pool of business experts available to our clients set out to win new business - in the middle of the pandemic!

We were right.  There was a demand for Board and Management advice that is practical and solution driven addressing the clients needs.  We have been successful in implementing solutions to each of our new clients and continue to oversee them to completion.

Eugene O'Callaghan


With over 30 years experience in accountancy practice as owner/partner, Eugene specialised in clients dealing with a variety of regulatory environments and jurisdictions.  He was a founding partner in Quintas Registered Auditors, a practice based in Cork, which he helped grow into the largest CPA practice in the country.  For his 15 years as partner, he headed up the Audit and Compliance Department.  

"My focus is always for client specific solutions to the wide variety of challenges facing individual business'."

086 2861549

William Hogan


William was a founding partner in Quintas Registered Auditors and for 15 years developed a loyal client base through a personally driven service to each client.  William has over 30 years experience in providing unique and innovative solutions to whatever challenges faced his customers or his own practice. 


086 283 0543

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